Getting Started

If you have a piece you'd like transcribed, the first step is to send me a copy so that I can provide a price quote. Nearly any digital music format will work - .mp3, .mp4, .wav, .aiff, .ogg, etc. The easiest way to send it is to email me a copy directly.

For larger files it may be necessary to use a third party file sharing service. Please email me to discuss this option.

Working Together

Once I've had a chance to listen closely to your file we'll discuss your specific needs regarding formatting of the music, arranging, etc. After the details have been ironed out, I'll provide a price quote and an estimated turnaround time for your project. At this time, a 50% deposit (based on the estimated total) is required; see "Payment" for details.

When the transcription is finished, I'll email you a high-quality printable .pdf file of the piece. I pride myself on providing very accurate transcriptions, but am always open to revisions.


I bill by the hour (in 15-minute increments) for transcriptions; you'll receive an invoice with an online payment link for both your deposit and your final charge. I accept credit or debit via PayPal, or in some cases, a check to my physical address.